The WE ARE Pen and Pencil Set

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The WE ARE Pen and Pencil Set

The WE ARE pen and pencil set has the traditional aspects of an “old school” pen and pencil set. The pen features a twist action and uses a Cross Styled ball point ink refill. The pencil houses a .5mm lead with a finial click mechanism to extend the lead. An eraser can be found under the small finial cap of the pencil. The pen features an advanced fiber pen tip made of soft nano silver micro-knit fabric that won’t scratch, smudge, or mark your touch screen. 

  • Each pen and pen/pencil set is presented in a beautiful black leatherette pen box with ivory stitching accents the exterior portion of the case. The interior boasts an ivory felt upper and lower interior liner with an interior retainer sash to keep your Elms Collection pen safely in place.  

Product price includes shipping and handling. Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks to receive your Elms Collection pen.