Are the Elms Collection pieces limited edition?

As we better understand how to manage Elm yellows disease, the supply of elm wood has been greatly reduced. Resources to produce larger pieces are becoming limited in nature. Please see About the Elms Collection for more information.


How do I know my piece is made from authentic Penn State Elms?

Each Collection item comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity,” verifying that your heirloom-quality piece was made with wood from Penn State elms.

Can I buy the raw elm wood?

The wood is not available for sale. Items included in The Penn State Elms Collection are the exclusive opportunity for alumni and friends to have a beautiful piece of Penn State history in their homes.

Is there any special care for the elm wood pieces?

The care for them is like any other piece of fine wood furniture.

Is there a place I can see the collection in person?

A selection of the furniture and gift items are on display at The Hintz Family Alumni Center located on the University Park campus of Penn State. Anyone is welcome to stop by the center during normal business hours to view the collection.