Customizable Tables

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Customizable Tables

This special handcrafted coffee table is custom made by renowned Pennsylvania artisan Tom Svec. Each piece is created to meet your design specifications. The rustic style of these tables preserve the nuances of the unique Penn State wood. Whether you’re looking for a console table, a dining room table, or a coffee table, your Penn State elms furniture choice will fit perfectly in your house and will be a conversation piece for years to come.

Each custom-made table is numbered, signed by the artist, branded with the  official Elms Collection emblem, and comes with an Elms Collection Certificate of  Authenticity. Prices start at $3,400.

If you are interested in a customizable Penn State elms piece, send an e-mail to with the subject: “Customizable Tables.”

The Penn State Alumni Association will then put you in direct contact with the artist Tom Svec. At that point, you will work with the artist and will receive an estimate directly from him. This process will ensure you receive a custom piece that fits your requirements. However, while you will be working solely with the artist to design your piece, your payment will still be collected through Penn State. 

The Elms Collection pieces are limited to the wood supply on hand. As Elm yellows disease is stabilizing on campus, we are becoming limited in our supply of wood. Once your piece is ordered, we will work with the manufacturer to confirm the availability of wood for your piece and provide you updates about your order. Please note your credit card will not be charged until we verify that we are able to produce your piece.